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Dianne has created stunning stories across the globe including directing and producing the documentary White Hotel shot in Eritrea, Africa that premiered at the New Directors New Film Series at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the Film Society of Lincoln Center receiving international acclaim at both film festivals, broadcasts, museums and universities.


Actively involved in the documentary film community Dianne Griffin teaches documentary filmmaking including storytelling, crowd-funding, distribution and social media marketing. She has jury chaired the United Nations Association Film Festival for over 19 years, watching thousands of films.

She is currently in development, post production and distribution on several documentary projects including The Creative High a feature length documentary.

Dianne enjoys tending her small orchard and fantasizes one day a queen bee swarming will choose a nesting site in her San Francisco backyard.

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Selected Presentations & Awards

Painted Nails

– Angel Island Permanent Exhibition, Painted Nails, 2020
– Asian Student Association Screening at Stanford University 2020
– Barnard College, Presented for Classroom Setting Women in Health 2020
– Wing Luke Museum of The Asian American Experience-Where Beauty Lies, Seattle, Washington 2019-2020
– Johns Hopkins 2018
– UNAFF Traveling Film Festival – Denver, Painted Nails 2017
– Women’s Voices for the Earth, Montana 2017
– Organization of Chinese Americans –SF Chapter
– 8th Annual CSM Asian Pacific America Film Festival 2017
– Seattle Asian American Film Festival, Painted Nails, 2017
– UNAFF Traveling Film Festival – Cinequest International Film Festival, Painted Nails, 2016
– CAAMFest, Painted Nails, (Center for Asian American Media) 2016
– Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, Painted Nails, 2016
– Disorient Asian American Film Festival, Painted Nails, 2016 (Courageous Womyn Award)
– Asian Health Services Screening – Oakland California 2016-2020 Ongoing
– Viet Film Festival, Painted Nails, 2016
– DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival, Painted Nails, 2016
– Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival, Painted Nails, 2016
– Chicago International Social Change Film Festival, Painted Nails, 2016
– ECO Film Festival, Painted Nails, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2016
– New Orleans Film Festival, Painted Nails, Jury Award Finalist, 2016
– UNAFF International Documentary Film Festival at Stanford, Painted Nails, 2016
– California Film Institute – San Rafael Film Center, Painted Nails, 2016
– Main San Francisco Public Library, Painted Nails, 2016
– APAMSA – Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association at Johns


– Museum of Modern Art New York and the Lincoln Center, Selected for New Directors Series, New York, 1997

– Two Boots Den of Cin, New York 2001
– Long Beach Museum of Modern Art, 20 Questions: Person, Place or Thing, 1999
– United Nations Film Festival, Building a Society for All Ages, Stanford University, CA, 1999
– Women Make Waves (WMW) Film and Video Festival, Taipei, Taiwan 1998
– Harvard Film Archive, Reverse Angel Series, Boston, Massachusetts January– February 1997
– Zanzibar International Film Festival, Zanzibar, Africa 1998
– The Cultural Center of The Philippines Independent Film & Video, Philippines 1998
– Black Maria Film and Video Festival, New Jersey 1997
– Roxie Cinema, Calendar Screening, San Francisco, California, 1997
– Seattle Art Museum and 911 Media Arts Center, Featured Event, Seattle, WA, 1997 Documental, Independent Attitude Series, Santa Monica, California, March 1997
– Indiana University, World Aids Day Series, Collection of Wells Media, Indiana, 1997
– The Red Vic, Calendar Screening, San Francisco, California, January 4, 1997
– Channel 4, London, England 1997
– Free Speech TV (FStv), Boulder, Colorado 2000

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