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Associate Producer/Advisor

Nhung Pham is a certified Vietnamese translator who graduated from Hanoi University of Finance and Accounting in Vietnam, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from San Francisco State University and worked toward a Master’s program in International and Development Economics. Through this program Nhung Pham engaged in on-site field research on the impacts of pesticides and herbicides on the health and productivity of small farmers in Nam Dinh province in Vietnam. Currently Nhung is interpreting at several hospitals and schools in San Francisco, CA.


Nhung began advising DigAll Media while Dianne and Erica were working on Painted Nails. She is committed to assisting the Vietnamese immigrant community after witnessing friends who suffer the consequences of working daily in the toxic environment of nail salons. Though Nhung originally used her skills as an interpreter on the Painted Nails, she soon became a co-producer and helped to guide Erica Jordan and Dianne Griffin in the Vietnamese community. 

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